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Gaming at the Club

As well as playing individual games, the members participate in larger club games, campaign systems and run friendly competitions.


For a list of the main rule sets club members play, please click here. If there is a game you play that is not on this list, that doesn’t necessarily mean no-one plays it. Why not bring it to the club? There is always someone who would be willing to give something new a try.


Although we are first and foremost a wargaming club, members also participate in board games, card games and roleplaying games.

Club Facilities

The club has plenty of gaming tables for use by all of our attendees. We hold our club nights in a spacious venue capable of accommodating even the largest scale games should anyone wish to play Apocalypse or equivilent. The club has an extensive collection of gaming cloths for simulating temperate or desert landscapes, sea and space, as well as scenery for each of those game types.


For anyone wishing to play roleplaying games, the club also has access to a small, but seperate lounge which adjoins the main hall. This room offers players a comfortable place to play away from the noise of other games in progress.


Refreshments are available on club nights from our informal tuck shop. Canned drinks and chocolate can be purchased for 50p each. Tea and coffee is also available. Anyone attending the club is welcome to bring their own food and drink into the venue with them.


The venue also has access to toilet facilities.

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