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Attending the Angus Wargames Club

Why attend the club?

- A chance to socialise with people who have a shared interest.

- Access to the club's tables and extensive collection of terrain.

- A chance to play wargames against a range of opponents.

- Find out about new games systems and model ranges.

- Pick up and share painting and modelling tips with others.

How much is it?

Download our membership form

Annual membership of the Angus Wargames Club is £20 for adults (ages 18+) and FREE for junior members (ages 12-17). Adults are also asked to pay £1 per club night they attend.

Want to attend but don't want to be a member?

Then don't worry, you are still welcome to attend the Angus Wargames Club gaming nights. All we ask is that non-members pay a small attendance fee of £2 per club night.

When and where do we meet?

The club meets on alternate Monday and Saturday evenings between 7:00pm and 11:00pm at the Lowson Memorial Hall, 1 Jamieson Street, Forfar, DD8 2HY Forfar. Upcoming club night events can be found on our home page or our Facebook page. A full list of club night dates can also be found here.

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